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Social Media Influencer Terms

April 2023


We are Pitpatpet Ltd (company number 09199537) – a UK company registered at 5 Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge, CB2 8BB. When we use words like “PitPat”, “our”, “we” or “us” below, that is who we mean. 

These are the standard terms that govern our relationship with you as a social media influencer

Subject to these terms we grant you the general right to promote our products to end consumers through media you control, in exchange for compensation we agree between us (including but not limited to free products and/or cash payments).

These terms capture the entire agreement between us. You can, in certain circumstances, ask us to change them, but our agreement to waive, vary or add terms beyond those in this document must be in writing.

We deem you to accept or to have accepted all these terms and any others we’ve agreed in writing when we accept you as an influencer, and they all apply between us for as long as that relationship persists.


We will provide you with any compensation that we may have agreed in writing between us, and only that compensation.

If we provide you with one or more examples of our own products, you accept those products on all the same terms as our normal consumer purchasers.

If we provide you with cash compensation, you warrant that you are not an employee, agent or representative of Pitpatpet Ltd, agree to pay any tax due on such compensation, and to indemnify us against any tax or other liability on that compensation.

Our reputation

We invest heavily in what we do, and value our reputation as a trusted provider of high-quality products. We welcome your participation in our business, but we require that you uphold our reputation and do nothing to threaten or damage it.

This means that your reputation is also relevant to us. You must not, whether directly in respect of our relationship or otherwise more broadly, engage in any activities, promote any views, or make any statements that are illegal or which we consider offensive (including but not limited to violence, sex, gender, religion, nationality, politics, animal welfare, drugs, gambling, disability). Neither must you make statements or express views that are critical of us or our products.

As an organisation, we have particular views on matters relating to dogs, their care and the way that they are represented. We require your published standpoint on these sorts of matters to be broadly compatible with our own. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate our relationship with you if you and we are unable to reconcile any differences in this area.

Our brand

We will provide you with any advertising banners, logos and images that you may require to promote us. We have the right to withdraw or change these materials at any time. 

You must not use our materials in ways or in forms other than as approved by us in writing, and you must not modify them in ways not so approved by us.

With the exception of your own photographs and videos, you must seek our express written approval to use any visual materials not supplied by us.

You must not use our name or any visual or other advertising materials in any way that makes us or you look unprofessional (for example, in an unreasonably repetitive manner in a single placement on your medium).

Our independence from each other

You must not explicitly or by implication hold yourself out as representing us. You do not have any authority to act as our representative, agent or reseller nor to bind us in any way. You must be transparent and clear about the nature of our relationship and your independence from us in all your published and other communications. 

You indemnify us against any and all adverse consequences of your actions in promoting our products whether in accordance with these terms or otherwise.

Intellectual property

We respect others’ rights and require you to do the same.

Except as indicated below or otherwise agreed in writing between us, nothing in our relationship transfers the ownership of any information or intellectual property (IP) between you and us. Our trademarks, software, knowledge and all other IP continues to belong to us; your information and IP continues to belong to you; and information and IP belonging to others continues to belong to them.

You grant us the right in perpetuity to refer to, link to and quote material created and published by you in the context of our relationship with you and covered by these terms. This includes but is not limited to text, images, photographs, video and audio media which we may reproduce in digital or printed form, in whole or in part, within or outside the context in which you originally published it, unmodified or modified by us, and with or without acknowledgement.

You indemnify us against all claims relating to IP arising from your promotional activities whether in accordance with these terms or otherwise, and against all claims relating to our use of your IP in accordance with these terms.

Competing with us

The purpose of the relationship between you and us is to reward you for increasing our sales. To this end, you must not engage in activities whose net effect is simply to reapportion sales to yourself that we would (or could) otherwise have made independently.

For example:

Brand keywords include: PitPat; Pit Pat; PitPet; Pit Pet; PatPat; Pat Pat; Pitpatpet.

For the avoidance of doubt, “advertising platforms” include but are not limited to Google Ads (including Google Shopping/CSS), Yahoo Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads, Pinterest Ads, and any other paid medium you use to promote our products.

Promo codes

We may occasionally provide you with one or more promo codes (also known as voucher codes, discount codes or simply as codes) for your use in promoting our products. These may or may not be exclusive to you. We may withdraw or invalidate codes at any time.

You must use only codes explicitly provided to you by us. You must not use any other code(s) that you may obtain from any other source, including but not limited to codes we provide to other publishers for their exclusive use, and codes generally available on our website or in other places (whether intentionally or otherwise).

You may share the codes we provide only with the consumers to whom you are directly promoting our products. You may not share them with anyone else.

You must clearly communicate to customers any restrictions (for example, validity dates or eligibility criteria) that we apply to such codes, and you must immediately stop promoting and remove any invalid codes on their expiration date or earlier if we ask you to do so.

Other specific restrictions

We want to work with you in ways that are exciting and mutually beneficial, and we invite you to be ambitious and creative in what you do. However, whether or not certain activities are allowed or prohibited under any of our more general terms, the following specific restrictions apply to our relationship with you:

Suspension and termination of our relationship

Both we and you have the right to terminate our relationship for any reason by giving the other party seven days’ written notice. We have the right to suspend or terminate our relationship immediately if you are in material breach of any of these terms.

The suspension or termination of our relationship temporarily or permanently ends your right to promote our products, which you must stop doing immediately.

In addition, we have the right to reject or require you immediately to remove or not implement any promotional activity or advertising treatment that we consider undesirable for any reason whatsoever, and we may suspend or terminate this agreement immediately if you are unwilling or unable to do so.


We may make changes to these terms and will inform you of such changes by email. If you do not agree with the changes, you have the right immediately to withdraw from our relationship with you without penalty or notice.