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How much should I feed my Labrador puppy?

Find out exactly how much they need with the PitPat app.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to know you’re feeding your Labrador puppy exactly the right amount?

To make sure your Lab puppy grows up big and strong, you need to get the balance just right.

But every puppy has different needs and appetites, so how do you figure out precisely how much to feed them?

PitPat is changing the way you feed your Labrador puppy.

Say goodbye to vague feeding guidelines on the back of food bags. Say hello to feeding recommendations that are precisely tailored to your puppy.

Just download the free PitPat app to get your Labrador’s tailored feeding recommendation based on their age, weight, breed, sex and whether they are neutered. And, if you’ve got a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor, we’ll take their activity levels into account too.

With PitPat there’s no more guessing whether they’re getting the right amount to eat. We got you.

PitPat App with PitPat bowl

How it works


Keep track of your puppy’s activity with a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor. Get a tailored exercise recommendation and see exactly how much time they spend running, walking, playing, pottering and resting.


Get a precisely tailored feeding recommendation for your dog that adjusts for their age, weight, breed, activity levels and more. Then simply weigh out their PitPat Food in the PitPat Weighing Bowl and let them tuck in.


Monitor your puppy’s weight in the free PitPat App. You’ll marvel at how quickly they are growing, and we’ll keep adjusting their food recommendation to make sure they’re always getting precisely the right amount.

PitPat Starter Pack

Puppy Starter Pack

🐾 A PitPat Dog Activity Monitor to keep them fit and healthy.

🍗 A bag of our delicious and nutritious PitPat Puppy food.

📱 Our free app which tells you precisely how much to feed them.

⚖️ The PitPat Weighing Bowl to make it super-easy to weigh to correct portion.

😍 Two bags of our super-tasty, healthy treats for training.

💸 £89 worth of PitPat products at a discounted price.

Labrador puppy feeding guide

To find out exactly how much food your Lab puppy needs, download the PitPat App for their tailored feeding recommendation. And, if they have a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor, we’ll even take their activity levels into account.

There are loads of feeding options out there, and it can be really difficult to know what is best for your puppy.

Whichever food you choose, you should make sure the ingredients are high quality, like the poultry in PitPat Food which is fit for human consumption. You also need to ensure that your Lab puppy is getting a properly balanced diet, formulated by expert nutritionists to avoid any deficiencies. Finally, it should be super tasty.

Most puppies do best on three meals a day, in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. Eventually you’ll be able to phase out the third meal if you want, so they eat in the morning and the evening.

Since Labradors are a highly intelligent and energetic breed, why not make mealtimes a bit more fun? Try scatter feeding their PitPat Food, or using puzzle toys instead of a food bowl. Not only will they love the experience, but it’ll also help keep them mentally stimulated.

Two golden labrador retrievers sitting amongst white flowers