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Valid on PitPat Dog Activity Monitors, PitPat Food and PitPat Weighing Bowls. Excludes Starter Packs, Treats and Accessories.

Know exactly how they’re doing with a PitPat dog activity monitor

Know exactly how they’re doing
with a PitPat activity monitor

exercise   •   rest   •   distance   •   calories   •   weight

exercise   •   rest   •   distance

calories   •   weight

Close up of PitPAt on collar of golden retriever

No more guessing whether they’ve had enough exercise, play or rest today.

PitPat is with your dog for every adventure. Every swim in the sea. Every chase of a ball. Every nap on the sofa.

So you know exactly what they’ve been up to in every minute of their day. We got you.

Know exactly how much to feed them with PitPat food

Know exactly how much to feed
them with PitPat food

Say goodbye to vague feeding guidelines on the back of food bags.

Say hello to precise feeding recommendations that are exactly tailored to your dog.

When you use the PitPat app with PitPat food, there’s no more guessing whether they’re getting the right amount to eat. We got you.

PitPat Food bags
Miniature Schnauzer stood on a log

Reducing our pawprint

We want to make a big impact on the lives of all dogs without leaving a big mess for someone else to clean up.

That’s why we’re committed to sourcing our products sustainably and have redesigned our packaging so it’s fully recyclable.

It all fits neatly through your letterbox so there’s no need for extra deliveries.

Helping all dogs

Dogs have the right idea when it comes to being there for those around them, and we’re following their lead. We’ve already donated £25,000 to Dogs Trust to support the incredible work they do, and we continue to seek out opportunities to give back.

Dogs trust employee with a rescue dog on her lap

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