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Video vet

Access a video vet 24×7 with PitPat LIFE

woman using firstvet with two dachshunds

Ever not been able to get to the vets? Or your pup has got sick in the middle of the night? Wanting to make sure they’re okay and not being able to is not a great feeling. In fact it can be pretty scary.

That’s where FirstVet comes in. FirstVet gives you access to a super-friendly, UK-qualified video vet, any time of the day or night.

And when your dog is a member of PitPat LIFE™ you get free access to FirstVet so you know you can always take care of them.

How we can help

Eye and ear problems

Allergies and skin conditions

Minor injuries and accidents

Digestion and intestinal issues

Small cuts and grazes

Coughing and sneezing

How to use video vet

1. Download the FirstVet App and register using the same email address and phone number as you do for your PitPat LIFE™.

2. Tap ‘My Pets’ – No need to fill out your dog’s information, we’ll do that for you.

3. When you’d like to book a consultation just select your dog, describe their symptoms, and chose a time that suits you.