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Top 5 dog walks in Yorkshire

Powered by our friends at K9 Nation, we’ve put together the best dog-friendly walks for you and your pooch in the Yorkshire area. K9 Nation’s ‘Discover Walks’ can be found on their free app, which provides its users with suggested walks where they can also rate the walk and leave comments about the area.

Roundhay Park

Known to be one of the biggest city parks in Europe, Roundhay Park is filled to the brim with lakes, woodlands, gardens, cafés, and wildlife, allowing for plenty of off-lead walking for your dog, and maybe even a swim or two in the lake. The sheer size of this park means that you can visit time and time again, exploring different routes and discovering new wonders.  

“We live close by and the amount of variation in the walks here keeps things interesting. It’s always kept in great condition and is always busy on a Summer’s day. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area”. – K9 Nation user

Newmillerdam Country Park

With lots of different footpaths all being part of one large, circular route. You can choose how long or short your walk is. Meaning if your pup decides halfway through that they’ve had enough and refuses to walk any further, you can easily adapt your route. 

“We love Newmillerdam, it has woods for exploring and water for swimming, and so both our dogs are super happy here. Parking is paid for but not expensive, but it can get busy! There are a few local cafés where you can stop for refreshments.” – K9 Nation user

Middleton Park

This park is easily accessible and has something for the whole family,  so why wouldn’t you give this place a go? It’s filled to the brim with playgrounds, cafés, parkland, rose gardens, and a Nature Reserve. With both tarmac and rural paths to take, you can visit here all year round. 

“There are lots of different routes to choose from, so no walk has to be the same, keeping it fresh and interesting. Sniffy can be off his lead with lots of exploring to be done. It is great for all weathers as if the ground is muddy you can stick to the paths which go all the way around.” – K9 Nation user

Marske Sands

A great place to let your dog roam free! This may not be one of the more famous beaches in the Yorkshire area but it’s just as beautiful. You’re also more likely to end up having plenty of room for your pup to play as well.

“We visited this beach today and it was brilliant. Plenty of space when the tide was out for all the dogs to run around without getting in each other’s way. There is a lot of parking along the seafront, most of which is free and toilet blocks every so often.” – K9 Nation user

Cannon Hall museum park & gardens

Here you can see hundreds of varieties of plants, trees, and flowers as well as an abundance of greenery. There’s even a lake to compliment your dog walk where your furry friend can take a dip whilst you take in the scenery. And if that wasn’t enough to seal the deal, there’s a dog-friendly café on site too!

“Perfect for dog walking. Especially with the Cannon Farm dog-friendly Lucky Pup café that serves delicious food.” – K9 Nation user

K9 Clean Up 

PitPat & K9 Nation partnership image

Wherever you’re walking you want to be sure you can do so safely without your dog being able to find and destroy litter. This is why K9 Nation is running their K9 Clean Up campaign. It’s a great way to tackle an everyday issue and make sure that the areas where we walk our dogs are kept beautiful for everyone. 

And there’s still time to get involved and donate. #K9CleanUp means there are no limits. No matter where you are, you can do your bit for the environment, and your local pooches.  

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