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Our CES health and fitness round-pup

Having just jetted in from Las Vegas, the beginning of this year has been a whirlwind to say the least, but fear not, we weren’t left chasing our tails at the Consumer Electronics Show and in fact we’ve got the paw-fect round up, of ‘what the #tech’ happened when we went stateside.

Along with welcoming new friends to our PitPat pack on our stand, we also rubbed noses with the press a bit too. I made my personal debut on television on none other than the Fox network, and we were also featured in some great tech round-ups from CES 2016 including the BBC, The Sunday Times Ireland, The TelegraphUSA Today and the i.

We were in great CES company in these features, and fitness gadgets were definitely a hot trend at this year’s show. So, with this in mind and considering most of us em-bark on New Year resolutions to get fit and healthy, we’ve sniffed out some truly great tech products to keep at the front of your mind, when starting a new exercise regime.

1.    OMbra  – A sports bra that tracks multiple metrics including heart rate, breathing rate and can be linked to the OmRun app, where you can measure distance, pace and fatigue levels without worrying about anything falling off and getting lost!

2.    Digitsole – This is a tracker insole measuring your real steps and offering the most accurate activity measurement available, perfect if you’ve ever discovered after a long walk that your wrist/phone tracker hasn’t even started counting.

3.    Levl – For those of us who want to know whether our workout actually did anything, the Levl is a breathalyser that measures your breath for fat-burning chemicals. This was one of the more unusual products we saw, but could go some way to convince you it’s not all in vain…

4.    Solos – If you’re into cycling, this is the piece of tech for you. As well as shielding your eyes from the glare of the sun, your heart rate, current speed and distance travelled are all measured and displayed on these glasses, meaning less chance of you falling off your bike when you go to check your wrist monitor.

Of course PitPat is also a must have product for tracking your dog’s daily exercise in 2016 so if you haven’t got your dog activity monitor yet, order it here.

So, while we head to Midsummer Common for a stroll in the park and give belly rubs all round to the rest of the PitPat pack, keep your eyes peeled for our next blog where we’ll share our thoughts on the future of pet tech.