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When will my Cockapoo calm down?

You’ve just got your new furry friend and it’s been a crazy few weeks right? They’re so excitable, their energy levels are through the roof, and you’re telling yourself it’s normal for a new pup to take time to settle. But weeks turn to months, and you’re wondering if you’ve actually brought a small monster into your lives! You’re not alone and it will get better, luckily we have some tips to keep you, and your dog, happy and calm. 

What age will my Cockapoo calm down? 

Most Cockapoos will begin slowing down after they turn two years old, but this is a breed that loves to please and will have energy throughout their adult life. After the age of seven, your not-so-little pup will begin to enter retirement from being a mischief maker, and start a slower pace of life. You’ll find that cuddles replace craziness, and a relaxing movie evening becomes a pawfect pastime for you both. 

However, if you’ve only just got your pup and two years sounds like a long time to endure slipper stealing and late night zoomies, then here are our top tips for a calm Cockapoo. 

How can I calm down my Cockapoo? 

Make sure they’re getting enough exercise everyday: One of the most common reasons for a disruptive dog is that they’re not getting enough daily exercise. It’s not just about those weekend walks, they need to be out and about everyday. The amount they’ll need is specific to their age, size and general health. Find out your Cockapoo’s tailored exercise goal for free by downloading the PitPat app, or head over to our guide to exercising your Cockapoo

Exercising mind, body and soul: Making sure you keep your Cockapoo mentally stimulated is as important as keeping those paws moving. Trying different types of enrichment games will help you to bond with your new pup, as well as providing the mental stimulation they need to be able to switch off at the end of the day. Head over to our favourite enrichment games for dogs to see which ones you can fit into your daily routine, there are some great ones for games on a budget too. 

Train your way to happiness: A well trained dog is a happy one. Cockapoos are a mixture of two very intelligent breeds and they want to please. Teaching them anything, from a basic sit and stay, to lead training, to impressive tricks, will help you to become a unit, it just needs a bit of time and patience. 

Routine: Getting into a good routine will help you both, and it will mean your dog can learn when they can be excited, such as pre-walkies or play time, and when they need to be calm and settle. You’ll both love the dynamic, and it will make life in the home of a Cockapoo that little bit more peaceful… especially at bedtime! 

How can I keep my Cockapoo calm on walks?

Walkies can be the highlight of your pup’s day, and the excitement can lead to a crazy, hyper pup who develops selective hearing.

Choose quiet walks: Avoid busy areas with lots of other dogs and people that will get your puppy even more excited (unless you’re planning these visits as part of your socialisation training).

Spend time sniffing: Your Cockapoo is led by their nose, and time spent sniffing is great for working their brain and keeping them calm. You can encourage them to sniff by playing find the treat games – just don’t let them run off following an interesting scent!

Use walks for training: Every walk you do with your pup is a training opportunity. Whether you’re teaching them not to pull on the lead, come back when called or just working on tricks, make sure their focus is firmly on you.

If your Cockapoo struggles to keep calm on walks, they may also tend to run off, whether in pursuit of a smell, squirrel or a new friend. Make sure they’re wearing a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker so you can find them, even when the unexpected happens.

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