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You and your dog

Ever wondered why dogs bark? Want to know how to stop your puppy from nipping?

We’ve got the answers to all your pawrenting questions below…

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et Spaniel wearing a harness and a PitPat

How to keep your dog cool in the summer

The heat wave might be giving us a break for now, but the summery weather will be coming back to…

12 May, 2020

Case study: Using a PitPat to smash weight loss targets

Tolly’s Story Tolly joined our family in December 2018, a perfectly normal (mad) Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who we…

05 May, 2020

Border Collie looking out of a window

The complete guide to separation anxiety in dogs

What is separation anxiety? What are the symptoms of separation anxiety? How to tell if your dog has separation anxiety…

01 May, 2020

Socialising your puppy during social distancing

If you obtained a puppy before or even during lock down, it is important that you find ways to socialise…

01 May, 2020

dog licking man

Fostering a dog during lockdown

Dog fosters are crucial volunteers who help animal welfare charities by taking on the pets that struggle in a kennel…

30 April, 2020

How to find exciting new dog walking routes near you

Quick Links Reading a map Understanding your rights of way and access Finding a local route Following an existing route…

30 April, 2020

What are the best types of exercise for my dog?

Everyone knows that dogs like walks.  In fact we can probably say that dogs love walks.  It doesn’t take long…

27 April, 2020

Adopting a dog during lockdown

Animal rescue centres around the UK have been inundated with adoption requests from members of the public during the lockdown…

27 April, 2020

Can you put a Fitbit on a dog?

When it comes to monitoring your fitness, Fitbit are the go-to choice for many. However, if you’ve ever wondered how…

24 April, 2020

Buying a puppy during lockdown

As a result of social distancing measures, record numbers of people are staying at home during the day. And with…

24 April, 2020