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A doggy day out at Crufts

We couldn’t miss the chance to hang out with all our pals at Crufts this year so two of our top dogs popped over to the NEC to sniff out some fun.

For our first doggy encounter of the day we were lucky enough to meet with Milli the Recovery Assistance Dog at Recovery 4 Wellbeing who was taking her charming human, for an explore around the stands.

We learned about how dogs like Milli have been helping those who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and loneliness through social inclusion, protection and exercise.

From this first encounter we went on to meet a variety of pawsome pups both big and small who selflessly support and care for humankind.

One of the many highlights was the irresistible Doug the Pug who not only has a massive social media following (@dougtheputherapydog) and has just released his first book (Doug the Pug – A Working Dog’s Tale) but is also a full time therapy dog at Pets as Therapy.

We were truly awed or should we say ‘p-awed’ by the many dogs we went on to meet from different organisations who are dedicated to improving and even saving the lives of humans.

Their owners were only too happy to learn about a new way to help take better care of their dog by using a PitPat and soon dogs of all kinds where sniffing around to find out more, even some high profile competition winners!

The day was a woofing success and we managed to catch up with some of our best pals as well as making lots of new friends and welcoming some new members to The Pack.