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PitPat Puppy Starter Pack

Puppy Starter Pack

🐾 A PitPat Dog Activity Monitor to record their progress and keep them fit and healthy.

🍗 A bag of our delicious and nutritious PitPat Puppy food.

📱 Our free app which tells you how much to feed them as they grow.

⚖️ The PitPat Weighing Bowl to make it super-easy to weigh to correct portion.

😍 Two bags of our super-tasty, healthy treats for training.

💸 £94 worth of PitPat products at a discounted price.


Get them off to the best start.

Phew. Puppies are hard work. But it’s all worth it for those moments when they snuggle up next to you or come running when you call.

We’ve made puppy ownership easier. No more guessing whether they’re getting the right amount of exercise, or if they’re getting enough rest. We got you.

You’ll get to know exactly how much activity and rest they’re getting, track their weight as they grow and get precisely tailored feeding recommendations.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into our world with the PitPat Puppy Starter Pack.

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Keep track of your puppy’s activity with a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor. Get a tailored exercise recommendation that increases as they grow and see exactly how much time they spend running, walking, playing, pottering and resting.


Monitor your puppy’s weight in the free PitPat App. Watch as they go from a tiny puppy to a big and strong adult, and make sure they’re growing at the right rate.


animation showing pitpat puppy food recommendations

Get a feeding recommendation that is precisely tailored to your puppy and adjusts for their age, weight, breed and activity levels. Simply weigh out their PitPat Food in the PitPat Weighing Bowl and let them tuck in.