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Promotions, sales, competitions and prize draws

January 2024

From time-to-time we engage in promotional marketing whereby we enhance the appeal of our propositions to customers in various ways and otherwise encourage you to buy things from us. 

We want our promotional marketing to be fun and fair for everybody. We also try to be generous in what we offer and honourable in how we offer it. It is not our aim to disappoint or deceive you or anyone else, nor ever to be unnecessarily harsh in how we run our promotions or apply their terms.

To make sure we can achieve those goals, we want to be clear in advance about how we will apply and administer the promotional offers we make to you and others. 

So, in the context of any promotional marketing, whilst all of our General and Additional Terms continue to apply just as they would outside any promotion, some extra terms also apply that are described below. Whenever you attempt to take advantage of any of our promotions, we will assume that you accept these and all our other terms.

The law

We aim to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines that relate to promotional activities. None of our terms below or anywhere else attempt to curtail your legal rights, and all of our terms apply only within the boundaries permitted by the law.

What is a promotion?

There are many different sorts of promotional marketing, usually (but not always) characterised by a temporary change in our pricing or other terms, or by us offering you some sort of incentive, reward, gift or prize. 

To help you identify what we mean by a promotion, here are some examples. Other things are possible too – the variations are nearly endless. Quotes in brackets represent imaginary wording for each example, but again there are always many possible variations on these themes.

We may:

Wherever – by reason of your status – we offer you entry to a competition, on-going special pricing or access to another relevant special privilege (for example, “10% off all purchases because your dog is a member of PitPat LIFE™) we may also regard this as a promotion for the purposes of these terms.

How do I find out about promotions?

We may let you know about a promotion in a variety of ways including (but not limited to):

Not all promotions are open to everyone. Some are only offered to people who meet certain criteria (for example, those on a waiting list, or people who’ve not bought anything for a while). That means that we may sometimes only notify the specific people to whom a promotion applies, rather than notifying everyone.

Where and how can I take advantage of a promotion?

Different promotions may relate to products bought through a variety of channels, including (but not limited to):

We may implement promotional pricing by:

Terms that apply to all promotions

In addition to all our General and Additional terms, and unless specifically stated otherwise when we communicate the promotion, we’ll apply the following additional terms to all promotions (where they are applicable):

Chance-based promotions

We may sometimes run promotions that include the offer of your participation in a prize draw or similar chance-based reward (for example, “Win a £50 voucher when you buy a PitPat before midnight tonight”). In these cases, we will adopt the following general approach to ensuring fairness relating to chance:

Skill-based and subjective promotions

We may sometimes run promotions or competitions where you can gain some benefit if we determine that you are a winner in some way other than by chance. This might include, for example, correctly answering one or more questions, completing some other test of skill, or meeting some subjective criteria that we or others may judge (such as having the cutest puppy). 

In these cases, we aim to be transparent about how the winners will be determined, or how any subjective element will be judged, by whom and according to what criteria. You therefore have the right to ask us to supply details of this process if it is not fully-specified in the promotional materials.

Combined promotions

Some promotions may combine elements of chance, skill and/or subjective judgement. In such cases the rules for all these types of promotion will apply together as appropriate at different stages or in different parts of the promotion.

Awarding of prizes in draws, competitions, etc.

In any promotion involving the awarding of prizes or similar we will adopt the following approach if we determine that you are a winner:


In spite of all the above terms that limit your rights to benefit from a promotion outside its intended terms, we may in exceptional circumstances, and without prejudice as to any future situation, make an exception (for example, by granting an extension on a promotional deadline) if we feel in our absolute discretion that your particular and individual circumstances merit such an offer from us. 

We don’t have to do this, we don’t promise to do it, or to do it again if we’ve done it before or for someone else, but we try to be kind, fair and generous where we can.

Questions or complaints 

If you have any questions about a promotion, please contact our customer support team on [email protected] in the first instance. They will take details of your enquiry, respond to it and escalate it if appropriate. 


We may make changes to these terms in accordance with our General Terms of Use.