Upgrade to PitPat Life

Dog already got a PitPat? We love you!

PitPat Life includes a Welcome Pack with a PitPat device and free food sample. But if your best friend is already wearing a PitPat and you don’t need the food sample, your dog can join PitPat Life for just £2 per month. Here’s how…


1. Tap the orange button below and sign in using your existing account.


2. Find your dog’s profile and tap their Join now button.


As long as your dog is currently wearing their PitPat and it’s “attached” in our app, you’ll be offered PitPat Life for just £2 a month. We’ll send your membership card and tag by post. You’ll get all the other Perks, Points and Prizes that our new customers get (but no PitPat or food sample).

Want a shiny new PitPat instead?

If your dog already has a PitPat but you want a new one with the full Welcome Pack and food sample, you just have to ‘detach’ your dog’s PitPat before you follow the instructions above. You’ll then be offered a PitPat Life membership at £4 a month including our full Welcome Pack with a new PitPat device and food sample. Here’s how to detach your dog’s PitPat


1. Open the PitPat app and tap on your dog’s photo to slide up their profile.


2. Scroll down past your dog’s name, birthday etc


3. Tap the orange Detach PitPat.


When your new PitPat arrives, you’ll need to follow the same process but to Attach instead.