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Welcome to our world

Special (next day) delivery!

Your membership of PitPat Life starts the moment your Welcome Pack arrives. Our clever designers have made it slim and sophisticated (just like you!) and the perfect size to come through your letterbox without needing a signature. So even if you’re not at home, you can be confident that your membership of PitPat Life won’t start with a trip to the Post Office! We ship by Royal Mail First Class on the same or next business day.

Open the box.

Your Welcome Pack contains everything you need to get going in our world. You’ll get a personal welcome note from our team, and there’s your PitPat activity monitor, of course.

Samples & offers.

Your Welcome Pack also includes one or two small gifts, samples or surprises for you and/or your dog. What we send varies from time to time, but we always choose something interesting or useful that we think you’ll like and appreciate as a little extra “thank you” for joining our world.

Membership has privileges.

Membership of PitPat Life also includes a membership card for you, and a special metal tag for your dog. We’ve designed the tag so that if you want to get it engraved at your nearest friendly engraving shop, you can do just that. And of course your card can be used to get yourself a little extra special VIP treatment wherever and whenever you meet us.

OK already! How do I join again?