Our Mission

We’re on a mission to ensure the health and happiness of all dog-kind.

We love dogs

And we know you do too. If we do what’s right for dogs, we’re usually doing the right thing for everyone. And even if that’s not true, we’ll still do what’s right for dogs.

Serious fun

What we do really matters – it’s about your dog’s health and wellbeing. But who says it can’t be fun too? In fact, who says we can’t lead with the fun? Isn’t that why you got your dog? And we do a great line in dog puns too. “Lead with the fun” – geddit? No? OK.

We understand dogs

We want you to trust our products, so we base them on proper dog science from proper dog scientists. We don’t guess or make things up. Ever.

Affordable for everyone

We believe everyone should be able to get the benefits of the latest technology, not just a few people with money to spare on expensive gizmos.

No compromise on quality

Our products are fun and affordable, but they’re not “toys”. They work properly and accurately, and they do what we claim they do.


We’re serious about making our products simple-to-use for every dog owner, not just technical people. If we can’t make something simple enough for everyone to use, we leave it out until we can.

We love our customers

You’re the reason we’re here, so whenever you want to talk with us, we’re here for you. No problem is too big or too small, and if you just want to chat about your dog, we’re game for that too.

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