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We think dogs should get great gadgets too! Our tech is among the best in the business, here’s how it works.

So how does it work?

PitPat takes your dog’s age, weight and breed and calculates a recommended daily exercise goal in minutes. PitPat’s three-axis accelerometer then captures your dog’s motion and its advanced ‘dogorithms’ translate it into walking, running, playing and resting, so you can see exactly what your pooch has been up to!

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How does it detect walking, running, playing and resting?

PitPat judges walking and running by sensing the natural gait motion of your pooch. It judges the difference between walking and running by the intensity/exertion.   If your pup is constantly changing from walking, to running, to stopping and changing direction this is characteristic of many dog games and the activity is interpreted as playing.   PitPat looks at the different activities over a 5-10 minute period and then classifies the activity as the one which was the most prominent in the period.

How can it estimate calories burnt?

Our proprietary ‘dogorithms’ also take into consideration factors including the age of your dog and whether it has been neutered or not. This handy feature will help you plan feeding and keep your pooch in tip-top shape.   Got another question? Try our FAQs.

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