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PitPat Cover

We offer a range of products defined in our General Terms of Use, including insurance products. These insurance products are subject to all applicable terms of our General Terms of Use, to our Privacy Policy, to any applicable additional terms, and to these specific terms:


PitPat insurance products are provided in partnership with other organisations (our “insurance partners”).

Insurance cover offered under our name and/or bought through your relationship with us is arranged by Pet Protect Limited (“Pet Protect”) and underwritten by New Line Insurance Company Limited (“New Line”), for whom PitPat acts as an approved intermediary. In this regard, PitPat is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under reference 959843.

Your contract for any PitPat insurance you may buy is therefore with Pet Protect and New Line. You can find out more about Pet Protect here, and about New Line here.

Data sharing & privacy

When you ask us for a quotation to insure your pet, we will (in accordance with our Privacy Policy) share certain relevant data about you and your pet with our insurance partners (whether directly, or through their operational partners) so that they can determine whether you qualify for an insurance product, and can calculate and provide us with a quotation that we will share with you. This data will include at least your name and contact information, and certain factors about your pet that we will present to you and ask you to confirm for accuracy before we share them with our insurance partners for this purpose.

You may decide whether or not to accept any quotation provided by our insurance partners, and therefore whether to buy insurance cover offered in our name from our insurance partners, which will then be subject to terms agreed between you and them.

Our partners may store the data that we provide to them, and may generate, collect and hold other data about you and your pet, and for this purpose they will be the data controller, meaning that they decide how to manage and protect your data in accordance with their own terms, policies and the law.

Our insurance partners may also share data about you, your pet and your insurance with us, for the purpose of helping us to understand the value, performance and suitability that our customers are deriving from the insurance they buy from our insurance partners, and for any other applicable reason defined in our Privacy Policy. Any data relating to you, your pet or your insurance that our insurance partners may share with us will be managed under the terms of our Privacy Policy.


We may make changes to these terms in accordance with our General Terms of Use.