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Don’t worry — it’s simple!

Choose PitPat Life if…

  • You want to feel part of a community of the UK’s most caring dog owners.
  • You want your dog to earn Points for healthy living and be able to claim Prizes.
  • You have several dogs and want to manage the cost of giving them each a PitPat.

PitPat Life is our membership club for healthy dogs and happy owners. You join by paying a low monthly subscription of just £4 for each dog.

You get our latest PitPat dog activity monitoring device included absolutely free (you DON’T have buy one separately).

There are Perks for you like discounts and free tickets to events. Your dog earns Points whenever they complete healthy activities, and those Points unlock Prizes that you can claim whenever you have enough.

PitPat Life offers you a lifetime of healthy living for your best friend.

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Choose PitPat if…

  • You just want easy-to-use activity-monitoring with no frills.
  • You don’t need any extras like Perks, Points or Prizes.
  • You prefer to a pay a one-off price (£39) and no monthly subscription.

PitPat is our brilliant dog activity monitoring device. You can buy it direct from us (or on Amazon) for a single low price of £39.

You DO NOT have to take out a subscription or pay anything else for all the features you get to work forever (although you can join PitPat Life later if you’d like to get Perks, Points and Prizes).

It comes with a free app that tells you everything you need to know to keep your dog healthy through exercise and by managing their weight.

PitPat gives you an easy and fun way to help look after your dog.

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